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Phantom 8 Studio

Based in Berlin (GERMANY)


Founding Date:

January 2016




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Goerzallee 299

14167 Berlin




+49 30 80407348

The story behind the studio

We are an independent developer studio with our headquarter in Berlin, Germany, a place that gives us our inspiration and drive.
We started off in late 2015 with the idea to build a unique and high qualitative independent game.
In January 2016 the studio was founded and the first employees joined in March.
Our highly motivated & extraordinary performing team currently consists of 10 people, topped with a 2-head management team.
All of us share the same passion for gaming.
We focus on the essence of making games – gameplay, story, design and fun factor.

Past Cure

We are developing an “Inception” inspired 3rd person single player game for Videogame console and PC, named “PAST CURE”. It features two worlds, each with a unique set of rules and mechanics, motion-captured fighting and stealth animation, as well as high quality graphics.

PAST CURE follows the submerged Elites-soldier, Ian, who with all his might chases the men who once betrayed and transformed him. For years, Ian was the object of secret human trials, held in a dark prison somewhere in Europe.

The experiments left him changed. Ian developed powerful skills such as thought manipulation and telekinesis. He paid the price with his sanity. Each time he uses his powers the madness grows in him. This is fully revealed in his dreams – and now stretches its claws to reality.

With the help of his brother Markus and the opaque double-agent Sophia, Ian pursues the men in the shadow. He takes on Eastern European cartels, secret lodges and unscrupulous scientists. And he encounters an adversary who does not seem to be of this world.



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