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Lead Programmer


  • A degree in computer science, mathematics, or equivalent
  • 5 y’s job experience in the gaming industry
  • Worked with Unreal Engine 4, C/C++ and/or Phyton
  • Ported a game to either PS4 or XBOX One


  • team player and a leader
  • approachable and listen to what people need and want
  • communicate your ideas and vision to the programming team
  • inspire and motivate the programming team to ensure that they work optimally and deliver in time
  • hands-on understanding of all programming roles
  • deep programming skills (C/C++) and deep experience with scripting blueprints in Unreal Engine or working with an equal game engine
  • good mathematical skills
  • detailed understanding of current console and PC development processes
  • experienced with scripting languages and/or node-based scripting, as also object oriented  software engineering
  • able to work iteratively and involve designers when implementing new features
  • able to write well-structured, readable and highly functional code
  • able to optimize and debug code for Console and PC platforms
  • understanding of what makes a game fun and interesting to play
  • able to suggest enhancements by designing and implementing new systems or modifying existing systems
  • very good understanding of various roles and specialisms including AI (artificial intelligence), game engine development, user interface, tools development, animation, locomotion, navigation, combat, physics etc.
  • be composed under pressure

Top of the bill

  • developed player character mechanics in a third-person game
  • multiplayer experience



  • oversee the development team
  • responsible for the technical specification of the game and manage the overall code development process
  • ensure that the team delivers in time and within budget
  • create detailed task duration plans and ensure that the programming team delivers all work
  • manage the software engineering of a game from start to finish
  • review and provide feedback on the game design documents in order to define the required features and game systems that must be developed in the engine
  • define and apply prototyping techniques to demonstrate the validity/invalidity of a gameplay idea
  • ensure the quality of all the game code developed by the team is met and specify the testing procedures 
  • ensure that coding bugs are fixed and appropriate solutions found, liaising with the producer and management team
  • manage the production of the different ‘builds’ of a game
  • provide support and guidance to the programming team, making sure that the programmers understand the specification and have the right skills and training to be able to do their jobs effectively
  • analyze existing features in the engine and determine if they meet project intentions and establish ways to adapt these features to meet game needs
  • define and use different reverse engineering techniques to effectively analyze the features of a competitor’s game mechanics
  • write a substantial amount of code yourself

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