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Gameplay designer


  • worked in a relevant game designer role on a game that was actually released
  • 2-3 y’s job experience in the gaming industry
  • worked on action, stealth and or survival games
  • good Unreal Engine 4 experience


  • work in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams
  • communicate your vision to artists, programmers, producers, marketing staff, and others involved in the development process
  • accept constructive feedback on your work
  • resent your ideas both verbally and on paper
  • be imaginative and creative
  • good written and verbal communication skills 
  • good basic visual design and drawing skills
  • be reasonably fluent in a range of 3D graphics and animation softwares, such as 3D Studio Max, Maya, etc
  • deep programming skills and deep experience with scripting in Blueprints in Unreal Engine
  • awareness of the various games platforms and technologies
  • possess a thorough understanding of game play theory
  • storytelling and narrative development skills
  • be skilled in information design and user interface design
  • think systematically and strategically

Top of the bill:

  • experience in level design


  • plan and define all the elements of a game: its setting; structure; rules; story flow; characters; the objects, props, vehicles, and devices available to the characters; interface design; and modes of play
  • tune and maintain game systems that involve physical impact reactions against characters using physics and AI driven behaviors
  • proposing innovative and fun design, fulfilling on the game direction
  • designing, prototyping, scripting, iterating on and polishing game systems and features using a proprietary game engine and scripting tools.tune weapon feel through controller input and camera movement and proactively chase down tasks needed for improvement
  • communicate this to the rest of the development team who create the art assets and computer code that allow the game to be played
  • decide how to create the best game using these elements, within a certain budget and timescale
  • should have a deep understanding of the capabilities and benefits of different hardware platforms (e.g. PC, console, mobile device, etc.), as well as familiarity with software technologies and techniques appropriate to each platform
  • make adjustments to the original specification for the game to respond to technical constraints which have been identified and to incorporate new programming and art creation methods developed by the team
  • train QA Testers to play the game, making sure that they understand what is expected of the finished product
  • define and manage independently the design process: 
    • puts together the concept document or initial design treatment, used to convince other members of the team that the game is worth taking forward
    • development of a proof of concept, where a small team of artists and programmers work to build a prototype, while you put together the full game design document

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